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Sunrise Muri Masala

Sunrise Muri Masala

Jhalmuri (Bengali: ঝালমুড়ি, Odia: ଝାଲ ମୁଢ଼ି) is a popular street snack in the Bengali, Bihari and Odia cuisines of the Indian subcontinent, made of puffed rice and an assortment of Indian spices, vegetables, Bombay mix (chanachur) and mustard oil.[1] It is popular in Bangladesh[2] and in the neighbouring Indian states of Bihar, West Bengal, Tripura and Odisha.[3] It became popular in London when a British chef named Angus Denoon tried this snack in Kolkata and started selling it on the streets of London.[4] The popularity of Jhalmuri has also reached other western cities like New York City through the Bangladeshi diaspora.It's a great combination of high fibre, protein and complex carbs. A healthy choice to satisfy cravings without sabotaging your diet that also gives a quick burst of energy.

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